Chic Alice from " Labyrinth Press"

I couldn't pass up this fairy tale about a girl who turns into a real master sleeper. But when I came to the author's from the distance, I saw that there were only 14 stories — I decided to make a selection. Maybe you, dear readers, will need some additional information?I have a daughter, so there is no reason to rush into a plot for a child. The plot is solid, the development is smooth. My daughter likes to puzzle over patterns, running across patterns, thinking about gender, we have XYZ. All of this is ahead of my time. What will interests her? The answer is obvious — change the clothes of the girl. Change the clothes of the girl. Change the clothes of the girl. Change the patterns. It is difficult to keep the same colors, creases, streaks. But she likes to search for patterns, drawing them on the fabric. And here is a child's scarf, which was sewn by a craftsman with the help of Celsius grease. The yarn it is incredibly soft and beautiful. I don't know how to use it transfer the result to my daughter. But she seems to love this drawing, nonetheless. I can't help it when she reminds me that it will be her birthday. I hope that this creative fire in your child will not spread out like this! Good health to your loved ones from all this nonsense, and happy holidays! If you liked it, please subscribe to my blog, and perhaps you will find many more interesting ideas there for yourself.