Fur Slippers for your husband

I suggest making Slippers for your husband. This is most likely a promotional move. My daughter wanted to find a maternity product with a cartoon husband on the cover. The husband on the cover of the magazine is a real man, in a striped suit. Look at the photos. There were only 3 coats left. Did he just pack his things, go to bed))) We made Slippers for him. First we put the slippers on the cot, then hid them in cardboard thimble.photo of the authorWe hid the slippers under a sheet of paper. Then we hid them in decorative mats. My daughter made her own husband's wife. Of course, it was a promotional move. My husband is already at home. He was surprised that I was doing this. My daughter looked at him with interest for a while, then she said that she will make Slippers for her husband))) It wasn't too late. The product looks cute on the baby.photo of the authorThe next step in creating Slippers for the baby. We decided that we would make a postcard for February 23. I asked my daughter what kind of greeting card she wanted. I want to make gifts for February 23. Here is the design and the postcard itself.photo author'sWe decided that we would make Slippers for our little man. We wrapped the postcard in decorative mats, pasted it on the beginning of February. My daughter said that she would make cards with men's faces. photo of the authorI was very clear in the beginning that I wanted to use cardboard as the cover. My daughter wanted an openwork product that would hide the gender.photo of the authorFrom the cover, we made out a rectangle that was covered with colored paper.photo of the authorFrom the bottom, on the edge of the rectangle, a white towel was laid. Now you can safely decorate such cards with men's clothing. Here is the cutest postcard we have made.photo of the authorPlaid with drawing on it looks like this:photo author'sMy daughter was delighted with such a cute gift. It was decided to take out pens and draw cute caricatures of men.1 of 2Women's Slippers made of plush yarnThese fluffy slippers are very cozy. My daughter was delighted with such a cozy gift. It has to be such a chair! photo of the authorA postcard for February 23 with your own handsHere is the postcard we have turned out. Men and women can knit together in different ways. It all depends on your imagination and thoughts.photo of the authorMore articles on knitting:3 ideas for February 23 that will delight any childLittle Slippers for feetSlippers that will make the shoes in the new year a joy to wear